Test Facilities
Test Facilities

At Jinlong Vehicle we own and operate a vast array of test facilities to ensure the quality of existing products and the long-term development of new products.
Among them, the equipment in our optical lab performs a variety of performance tests, thus enabling our products to strictly comply with the requirements for surface stress, optical projection and so forth.
Additionally, we carry out a falling-ball impact test to determine the quality of the tempered glass.
Last but not least, our comprehensive lab incorporates more than 30 different kinds of instruments that are used to carry out a full range of tests, from mechanical property testing, material testing to 3D digital inspection.
This provides us with a collection of data for the research and development of new products.

Glass Surface Stress Tester

    The test equipment is used to measure surface stress in chemically or physically strengthened glass. It operates with a fully automated mode, enabling us to minimize the hand-operated measurement error and also make data management easier than before.

Luminous Transmittance Tester for Glass

    This instrument is engineered to test the luminous transmittance of glass samples, safety glass products, as well as film-coated or plate glass. Typical applications are found in diversified trains, high-speed rail, airplanes and buses.

Optical Distortion Test System

    The optical distortion test system is compliant with both GB9656-2003 and GB/T5137.2-2002 standards. Distortion manifests itself optically through fuzzy image.

Falling-Ball Impact Tester for Tempered Glass

    With this machine, we can carry out a falling-ball impact test to check whether the quality of tempered glass meets all required standards. This impact tester is composed of a ball stand, electromagnetic release unit, sample frame, steel ball and control system. It is commonly used to test the penetration or impact resistance of tempered glass or safety glass. The electromagnetic release mechanism can release steel balls with weights of 227g, 508g, 1040g and 2060g. It is also used to release 200g steel arrows in line with the American standard.

Glass Radiation Resistance Test Chamber

    Pictured here is a glass radiation resistance test chamber. In this chamber, our materials are exposed to the controlled ultraviolet light and then undergo accelerated laboratory UV tests.

Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber

    With this test equipment, we can determine whether our extensive range of materials is impervious to heat, moisture and the cold or dry environment. This test chamber is intended for quality inspection in the fields of electronic appliances, mobile communications, instruments, vehicles, plastic products, medical care and aerospace, etc.

Microcomputer-Controlled Electronic Universal Testing Machine

    This machine is mainly used to test the mechanical properties of various nonmetallic and composite materials. It comes with an automatic control and data collection system, thus allowing the system to be adjusted in a fully digital mode. In this test, the data collection, process control and the test data post-processing operations are all accomplished by a computer. In addition, the universal testing machine can automatically measure the tensile strength, peel strength, tear strength and other parameters.

Articulated-Arm Coordinate Measuring Machine

    The ROMER Absolute Arm is the world’s first version of articulated-arm coordinate measuring machine that comes with an absolute encoder. The latest version of space-age technology is used in both carbon-fiber arm and dual coupling, thus making the 2.5-meters-long articulated arm have a weight of only 5kg. The laser scanning system of our machine has been verified. The laser scanning probe can work with a standard touch-trigger probe to fulfill your 3D digitalization, 3D modeling, point cloud inspection, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping or fabrication requirements.

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