The Jinlong Vehicle’s front windshield glass was designed and developed completely in-house. It is a kind of high-speed auto glass which possesses intellectual property rights. Our product has a streamlined shape and can be perfectly matched to any car.

This product features a high mechanical strength that exceeds the international industry standard. It is designed to be airtight and watertight.

The side window that is used in high-speed rail has the features of low conductivity, superb sound insulation and outstanding anti-frost performance. It is designed with a unique structure to provide a high-performance solution for emergency escape.

The Jinlong Vehicle’s solar mirror contains a substrate with a reflective layer for reflecting solar energy. It is commonly used in parabolic-dish or parabolic-trough type solar electricity generating systems for concentrating a large area of sunlight. The solar reflectance reaches more than 94%.

The laminated fire-resistant glass is designed to provide integrity and heat insulation for the highest level of fire protection. It is an effective barrier against flames, radiation and heat transfer.

The bulletproof glass is a kind of composite material. It serves to minimize the risk of injury caused by the blast wave or the fragments of glass that fly off at very high speed.

Each year Jinlong Vehicle production capacity reaches 10,000 tons of environmentally friendly, water-based industrial paints. The use of cutting-edge machines and sophisticated testing methods allows us to make our paints highly efficient, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, high-adhesion and have no pungent smell.

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