The manufacturing base spans an area of nearly 50,000m2. It houses nearly a hundred advanced equipment pieces for diversified processing applications. Among them, the Bottero CNC cutting machine operates at a high level of precision and reliability. It has the capability to cut various shapes of glass.

Next, we use an Italian Intermac machining center for the precise treatment of glass products. This facility completes the edging, milling and other high-precision, complicated operations automatically. The edge quality is greatly improved.

In this production center we have employed the optimal degree of automation to enhance quality while decreasing production costs. Immediately following hot bending processes, our product will undergo surface tempering treatment. We use high-efficiency machines to perform chemical and/or physical tempering operations.

This ensures the glass possesses good mechanical strength, superior thermal shock resistance, as well as exceptionally high stability in the following process. After the glass lamination is completed, an advanced autoclave is employed to produce all kinds of laminated safety glass or bulletproof glass. Meanwhile, we run a fully-automated, PLC-controlled insulated glass production line that can identify the Low-Emissivity (LOW-E) film and greatly increase the efficiency of the double-layered or triple-layered insulated glass production process.
Not only that, the company has invested heavily in the CNC machining center as well as the gantry type CNC boring and milling machine which offers highly precise, flexible, fast and fully-automated operation. The extraordinary capability allows us to produce the finest possible product on the market.

Bottero CNC Cutting Machine

    The Bottero CNC cutting machine is driven by an advanced servo motor to operate at a high level of precision and reliability. It allows operators to adjust the size easily and cut the glass of various shapes. We cut to size stably and with zero error. The cutting data can be input, output and stored by the Windows system of the cutting machine for greatly enhanced efficiency.

Intermac Machining Center

    The Intermac machining center can automatically accomplish the edging, milling and other high-precision, complicated operations. It is particularly efficient for handling the edge of the special-shaped glass, thus allowing for a significant increase in edge quality, production efficiency and material utilization rate.

Continuous Hot-Bending Furnace

    The hot-bending furnace features a high level of automation. It is divided into glass preheating area, hot bending area, plus the annealing area. An automatic temperature control system is available for controlling the furnace easily. Also available is a smart meter display for temperature settings.
    Control of the heating process can be done manually or automatically. Fine adjustment can also be made here. Not only that, the glass bending area is equipped with an automatic elevator and a positioning device that can fulfill a range of hot bending requirements.

Chemical Tempering Furnace

    The chemical tempering furnace is intended to strengthen the glass quite significantly through an ion exchange. It also helps to prevent the glass from unexpected thermal shock. After tempering is done, the glass features high mechanical strength, excellent thermal stability and no surface deformation. It can be cut to size without causing breakage.
    The chemical tempering technology has some advantages over air-cooled tempering technology. For example, it can increase the peel strength while simultaneously maintaining efficient optical properties, which makes this technology irreplaceable for handling the tempered glass.

Glass Tempering Furnace with Horizontal Roller Table

    In this furnace, the plate glass is heated and then processed at extremely low temperatures, thus enabling us to increase its mechanical strength and convert the most common annealed glass into tempered glass.
    The flat glass tempering system consists of a cooling unit, roller and an air-collection unit. It can dramatically increase the cooling efficiency while simultaneously minimizing the risk of stress marks. The glass tempering process is also greatly improved by using high-performance discharge system, air system and control system.

Autoclave for Production of Laminated Glass

    The autoclave is typically used in production of a diverse range of laminated safety glass or bulletproof glass. It has found wide application in locomotive glass industry. The use of fanless stirring, inner-loop cooling structure as well as multi-heat infrared heating method ensures that glass is energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and possesses reliable quality.
    This equipment is actually a horizontally type high-pressure vessel, where the flat or curved laminated glass panels are firmly attached to PVB film at high temperatures and high pressures. It plays a vital role in the laminated glass production line.

Insulated Glass Production Line

    The insulated glass production line is grouped into feeding section, washing and drying section, inspection section and laminating section. These four sections are vertically mounted and inclined at the same angle.
    This efficient line is compactly structured, cost-effective and very easy to maintain. It is outfitted with a PLC control system and a touch screen HMI (human machine interface) for ease of operation.
    Our machine is ideal for the treatment of dual- or triple-layered insulated glass. It is also built to handle the single-sided or left-cross-over-right insulated glass. A mobile positioning system is available for positioning the aluminum frame. It can also identify the Low-Emissivity (LOW-E) film, thus resulting in convenient operation, less labor fatigue and greatly enhanced efficiency.

CNC Machining Center

    The CNC machining center is a program-controlled automated machine tool. Instructions are encoded and processed by a programmable logic controller. Procedures are executed in this machine tool after programming is completed. Then, we use cutting tools to convert blanks into semi-finished products.
    This machining center can accomplish numerous working procedures automatically and efficiently. It helps to avoid manual handling mistakes while simultaneously reducing the time required for clamping, measurement, adjustment, transportation and storage. This contribution is a great increase in both efficiency and precision, thus enabling us to create huge profits for customers.

Gantry Type CNC Boring and Milling Machine

    The CNC machine features a mobile worktable, fixed cross beam and a gantry-type frame structure. Its two columns are bolted on both sides of the machine. This equipment has the functions of drilling, boring, milling, enlarging, reaming, linear interpolation, circular interpolation, helical interpolation, coordinate linkage, and so forth. It is mainly used for the treatment of a variety of basic parts, plates, discs, housings, molds and other precision components. Its notable features are high precision, fast speed, good flexibility, environmental protection, etc.

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