Laminated Fire-Resistant Glass
Laminated Fire-Resistant Glass

Laminated Fire-Resistant Glass
The laminated fire-resistant glass is designed to provide integrity and heat insulation for the highest level of fire protection. It is an effective barrier against flames, radiation and heat transfer.

Laminated Fire-Resistant Glass

    This product is a kind of double- or multi-layered glass with a transparent, fire-resistant interlayer. Once a fire occurs, the fire-resistant interlayer will fast expand to form an opaque and thermally-insulated foam layer that can absorb huge amounts of heat.

1. This product is guaranteed to possess integrity and thermal insulation property in case of fire. It is impervious to flame, radiation and heat transfer.
2. Optional fire-protection ratings: the National Class A, the European EI30-EI90 and EW30-EW60
3. The laminated glass provides a very high light transmittance.
4. Can form an opaque, fireproof foam layer at high temperatures for protection from flame, heat and smoke.
5. Good sound insulation
6. High mechanical strength, superior chemical or physical stability

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